Peter Reynolds OAM
4WD Training Specialists since 1980
  • Certified 4WD Trainer/Assessor
  • Accredited Driving Instructor A.C.T.
  • Recovery Specialist
  • Public - Corporate & Govt. Training

  • outback
  • water-crossing
  • sand-driving
  • Outback 4WD Training
  • Water Crossing 4WD Training
  • Sand Driving 4WD Training

4WD Training Services Pty Ltd - 4WD Courses Canberra

Over 40 years 4WD Experience passed on to you


We have over 40 years experience in the 4WD industry and as such are able to offer you the best quality training and information to enable you to safely and confidently enjoy your 4WD vehicle wherever you wish to travel.

Our instructors are highly trained 4WD operators who have completed nationally accredited courses for conducting training and assessment as per the requirements of the Australian National Training Authority and hold Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response including Apply First Aid and Perform CPR.

We offer in house, yes we come to your home or workplace to conduct the 4 hr theory session in 4WD Operation and Difficult Terrain Driving techniques, including viewing a special 4WD Training DVD. The practical component of the course is run over 8 hours in natural mountain terrain (not manmade obstacles). There are a lot of things to learn in the art of "off road driving". Some points you will learn is the ability to "pick the correct line'' and "use the terrain to your advantage''.

Part and parcel of 4WDriving is ''getting stuck'' so, we give you a full recovery lesson on the correct and safe methods of using recovery gear such as Snatch-um straps and Max-Trax.

During your course you will be taught about:

  • Hill Stall-out techniques (ascent and descent).
  • The importance of having the correct Tyres and Tyre Pressures.
  • Cabin Drill procedures i.e. Correct seating position, steering & braking techniques.
  • Vehicle Set-up prior to attempting difficult terrain driving.
  • Safe use of 4WD Recovery Equipment.

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