Peter Reynolds OAM
4WD Training Specialists since 1980
  • Certified 4WD Trainer/Assessor
  • Accredited Driving Instructor A.C.T.
  • Recovery Specialist
  • Public - Corporate & Govt. Training

Benefits Of Our Courses


I would like to highlight what our training offers and why we stand out from the crowd.

  • We come to you for the theory session (4 hours)
  • Practical + 2 students per I trainer ratio (much more time actually driving)
  • Only 2 people per day away from their normal work day
  • 4WD Training conducted on specialised mountain terrain
  • Certified on-road driving instructor to pick up and help with bad driving habits
  • Over 30 years outback 4WD experience;

We also have a fully equipped manual Toyota Landcruiser Turbo Diesel for hire. Request at time of booking.

Please call me on 0428 623 458 for a quote or if you have a question

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